Da Rules


Getting Started

To start the game, the host should tap on "host game," login if they have not logged in already, enter a username for this game, and tap "create game."

After a game lobby is created, as many as 50 people may join using the game key at the top of the host's screen. The host may modify the game with optional roles, and then tap "start game."

When the game starts, your role card will be shown. In a basic game, you will be either a Researcher (the "good guys") or The Origin (the basic Infected Master, found in every game).

Playing as a Researcher

The goal is to find the other Researchers and pool your information with theirs. Collectively, you will find The Origin and any other Infected Masters.The Researchers have nothing to hide, so feel free to yell out any and all information you discover.

    When the game starts, you will have a sample generated that you can send right away and a choice of a limited number of players to send it to. Send it to the person that you trust the most. After you do, you will isolate a new biological sample every 30 seconds. Sending samples is always safe, but you'll still want to send it to a Researcher since they are the ones you can trust.

    You will receive samples from other players throughout the game. If you receive a sample from someone you believe to be a Researcher, you should probably analyze it. If it is from a Researcher, the analysis will tell you true information about the game... maybe enough to determine who the Infected Masters are! However, if the sample is from The Origin, (or any Infected player who can infect you, such as a promoted Minion), you will become infected. Because of this, you should discard samples that you suspect are from the Infected team.

    Whenever you get a noninfectious sample, you should share this information with the rest of the group. Remember, you have nothing to lose by sharing this information and nothing to hide; The Researchers must work together to find the Infected Masters.
    In addition to sharing analysis results yourself, you'll need to listen to what other people are sharing. The other Researchers should also be sharing any information they've gained.
    Be careful though! The Infected team won't be sitting silently. They'll also be "sharing information"... meaning that they will be lying about what their analyses say! Figuring out who the Infected players are will help you know who to trust and who to ignore.

    When you think you know who The Origin (or any other Infected Master) is, you'll want to cast a vote to test a player. Tap on the player's icon, and then tap on "Vote to test [Player]" If 50% or more Researchers agree on the same person to test, a test is conducted on that player. It's important to remember that the Researchers only have a limited number of tests!
    If the test is successful, the Researchers do not use up a test, and they learn that the person tested is an Infected Master. If the Researchers test all the Infected Masters, you win the game.
    If the Researchers test someone who is not an Infected Master, they spend a test and learn that the player they tested is not an Infected Master. If the Researchers use up all their tests, they lose the game.

Playing as the origin

The most important thing The Origin can do is NOT GET TESTED. To do that, you will have several tools at your disposal:

    The Origin and the rest of the Infected team know what roles the Infected team has, and who is on the Researcher team. They can use this to their advantage when they lie about what samples contain.

    When a Researcher opens one of your samples, they will become an Infected Minion, and they will lie for the Infected team. Get as many players as you can on your side!

    If one of your minions is trusted by the Researchers, you can promote that minion. All you have to do is send them a sample, and when they open it they will gain a chance of generating an infectious sample, further helping to spread the infection.

    When players send you samples, lie about what they say! Do everything you can to make the Researchers waste their tests on other players.

Playing as aN Infected Minion

So you've been possessed by an ancient horror that has been buried under ice for millennia... I know how it feels. But don't fret! All is not lost. You've got a new lot in life as an Infected Minion, and your main goal is to make sure that The Origin and any other Infected Masters do not get tested by the Researchers! How do you do this? Glad you asked!

    Pretend you are still a Researcher! The Researchers don't know you got infected, so lie to them to throw them off the trail of The Origin and other Infected Masters.

    If you lie well enough, The Origin will favor you. Open more samples from The Origin to gain a chance at generating infectious samples yourself!



    Players start on either the Infected team or the Researcher team, with roles distributed randomly.

The Researcher team wins if they test all of the Infected Masters (see "Tests").
    The Infected team wins if the Researchers run out of Tests (see "Tests"), if they run out of time (see "Timer"), or if every player is Infected.

    All players isolate a biological sample every 30 seconds. These can be accessed through the tab on the left, titled "My Sample." These samples can be sent to other players. When a player receives a sample, they have the option to "analyze" the sample they received. A player may NOT analyze the samples that they isolate themselves.

    When a sample is isolated, it will be designated either "infectious" or not infectious. This is determined when the sample is isolated, which means a sample may not become infectious later.

    A player who has received a sample from another player may choose to analyze that sample or discard it. This can be accessed through the middle tab, "Analyze." If they choose to analyze it and the sample is not infectious, the sample will show them information about the state of the game. If the sample is analyzed and it is infectious, it will infect the player, turning them into an Infected Minion.

    Analysis results are ALWAYS true. Even if a sample is sent from an infected player, the results of the analysis of their sample will be true.

    If a Researcher gets Infected, they become an Infected Minion and immediately switch to the Infected team.

    If The Origin sends a sample to another Infected player, when that player analyzes the sample they will gain an additional 50% possibility of generating an infectious sample in the future. The promoting ability is unique to The Origin.

    Tests are how the Researchers win the game. If a Researcher thinks they know who an Infected Master is, they may cast a vote for that player. They can do this by tapping on the player's name in the main window, and then tapping on "Vote To Test [Player]." If 50% of the Researchers or more vote for the same player, a test will be used on that player. Infected players may not vote.
    The Researchers have a limited number of tests. If they test a player and that player is not an Infected master, they use up a test. If they use up all their tests, they lose the game.
    If the Researchers test all the Infected Masters, the Researchers win the game.

    A game lasts 10 minutes. If any Infected Masters remain that have not been tested by the time the 10 minutes are up, the Infected team wins the game.


The Researchers have nothing to hide! They must share information and work together to figure out who is telling the truth and who is lying. The Researchers win if they test all the Infected Masters (see "Tests"). A Researcher will be turned into an Infected Minion if they open an Infectious Sample (see "Infected Minions").


The Origin is an Infected Master. His/Her samples will infect Researchers who analyze them. If a sample from The Origin is analyzed, and the recipient is already infected, the recipient will become "promoted", and gain an extra 50% chance to generate an infectious sample.


The Corruptor is an Infected Master. They have a one-time ability to infect someone on the Researcher team once per game (the Corrupted Researcher does not have a chance to resist infection).

The Corruptor can use their power by tapping on a player's name in the main window, and then tapping on "Corrupt."

The Corruptor is an optional role, customizable by the host and will not appear in every game.

Infected Minions

Infected Minions are on the Infected team. They are NOT Infected Masters, and must protect the Infected Masters from the Researchers' tests. They usually do this by lying about the information they gain from their samples.