The real-time, digital social deduction game where there are no moderators, no dying, and no sleeping. You’re a scientist. You never believed in ghost stories or things that go bump in the night. You graduated top of your class and accepted this mission in the arctic circle because you were the best. So explain yourself. Explain what’s happening. Explain how the door that could stop a truck was found flung from its hinges. Explain the sounds. Explain why you’re hiding under your desk with your dinner knife and saying prayers to any deity whose name you’ve ever heard? You’re a scientist, damnit. Explain yourself.

Latitude 90° : The Origin -- Kicktraq Mini

Launch Party!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our launch party! We ate a lot of pizza, played a lot of games, raced a lot of karts, and raised a lot of money for some sick kids! Here's a couple stats:

👫 Attendees: 75

🍕 Large pizzas eaten: 15

🎲 Games auctioned: 13

🎮 Tournament entrants: 50

🏅 Value in prizes distributed: $568.67

💵 Amount raised for Mott Children's Hospital: 



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