V 0.02 Patch Notes

Hey guys

It's been a great first week!  Thanks everyone for providing feedback and identifying bugs and improvements.  We released a patch over the weekend to address a number of them.  You can find the notes below:


  • updated "reset" button functionality to prevent accidental rejoining of games
  • updated process of opening a sample to show more information and prevent accidental opening when the user meant to discard
  • preventing caching of javascript and css, so those files are always up to date with every new change
  • storing username in real-time instead of only when the user joins a game, for easy entry later

Bug Fixes

  • fixed a bug where fewer than 6 players could start a game
  • fixed a bug where username would sometimes show up as "undefined"
  • fixed a bug where analyzing a sample would sometimes make it disappear and not show its contents
  • fixed an edge case where generating sample type R02T02 could crash the game in certain game scenarios