Board Games and Personality Types Part 2: ENFJ/P

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The Protagonist - ENFJ


 The Protagonist are traditionally thought to be natural-born leaders.  They are great at reading other people, and communicating in a way that appeals to each individual person.  Protagonists want to support and build up people around them, whether on an 1-on-1 setting, or in larger groups.  These traits lead many protagonists to be teachers, coaches, politicians, and other positions of team leadership.

 Magic:  White/(Red/Black): Protagonists display obvious white characteristics, being concerned with helping the people around them.  However, they also display a strong passionate side, and are often able to stir up the passions and beliefs of those around them, leading to the possibility of red.  Some might call what they do "manipulation", and less noble protagonists could certainly use their position of leadership to create an "Us vs. Them" mentality, which is very white/Black.


 Likes:  Protagonists enjoy games that allow them to take on that same leadership, either because it is a team based game, or because it is a game that allows the Protagonist to teach new players.  For this reason, the "entry" level games seemed to rate highly, as did games that allowed for diplomacy to play a large part.  Perhaps because of their tendency to teach players, the Protagonists tend to have large game collections, and often act as the host or leader of the groups.  

Dislikes: It was difficult to find a common theme among the games that were disliked, however, games that were too simple, or didn't have enough discussion, did seem to come up more often here than in other groups.  Games that revolved more around rolling dice, from Life to King of Tokyo, were listed quite often.  Similarly, games did did not enable team dynamics, like Talisman and Betrayal on the House on the Hill, showed up quite often.

Verdict: Settlers of Catan

Recommendations: Resistance, Werewolf, Bang, Ticket to Ride, Gravewell


The Campaigner - ENFP

The Campaigner quickly becomes deeply passionate about ideas and beliefs, however, this passion often moves onto new and more exciting projects.  Like all diplomats, the Campaigner is very good at understanding and inspiring people, but prefers to be more free spirited than tied to any one individual, cause, or group.  Ironically, they are often put into these positions, and while they tend to enjoy and thrive in them, once it becomes routine, the Campaigner will often lose interest and want to move on to something new.  Because of their energy and creativity, Campaigners are often popular and act as the life of the party.

Magic: Blue/Red Unlike the rest of their diplomatic NFs, ENFPs tend to view their friends and companions as sources of entertainment, more than as people in need of helping.  That isn't to say that they do not want to help, but they lose interest quickly and do not allow themselves to remain tied to a cause, keeping them out of the white or green role that the rest of the NFs find themselves in.  Instead, ENFPs creativity and passion propel them into Red, and their strong emotional displays would seem to confirm it, along with their need to be free from the mundane and to explore whatever strikes their fancy.  Their natural curiosity and analytical abilities push them into as well Blue, as ENFPs are most analytical of the NFs, and rate higher in many strategic aspects then some of the Analysts types.


Likes: Campaigners tended to enjoy games that were quick, tactical, and social.  They seemed to enjoy drafting Magic or Hearthstone more than constructed, as the act of building "the perfect deck" was boring, but the act of discovery new interactions and using cards that might never get used in other situations seemed to appeal to them.  Games that allow them to "read" people also rated very highly.  ENFPs tended to be the most fickle gamers, willing to try anything once, but losing interest once they had experienced everything that the game had to offer.

Dislikes: As mentioned above ENFPs disliked the construction aspect of trading card games.  Many games that required them to spend a lot of time alone or a lot of time practicing rated poorly.  Also, games that required them to dig into a ton of deep interactions or rules seemed to miss the mark.  In terms of fighting games, Super Smash Brothers rated highly, but other games that required more solo practice, such as combo-heavy Tekken or games that required you to memorize complicated inputs such as Street Fighter rated poorly.  

Verdict: Concept

Recommendations: Werewolf, Legendary, Heroscape, Imperial Assault (Imperial side).

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